About Us


Carl Martin

Carl  Martin is an optimist. He has been speaking to audiences across the  country since 1997, two years before his first book "Heaven, Think On  These Things" first hit the bookshelves. Immediately following his high  school graduation, Carl headed out to Hollywood to pursue his dreams as  an actor in the movie industry. Shortly thereafter he landed an agent  and thought his dreams would soon be reality. But God had other plans,  and through a series of events, Martin rededicated himself to the Lord.

Carl is the founder of "The God for God Experience" (, a ministry focused on the reality of desiring God above all else. He is currently working on an expanded, updated version of Heaven, Think On These Things,  as well as a new Bible study / three-day workshop focusing on Walking  With God. He currently resides with his wife and daughter in  Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he works as a corporate trainer in the  human resource development department of a large corporation. 

Our Approach

We believe that the only approach to get ready for the return of Jesus is to know him as a best friend.

While conspiracy theories from one side and  compromise from the other seem to constantly distract us, God described  a third group that loved God above all else and their neighbor as  themselves.  And while others would predictably battle it out to the  end, this group would actually become more and more united - not in  pluralism, but firmly on the truth.  This ministry is all about helping  others see God's clear path His messengers would take between now and  when the events described in Daniel and Revelation take place.  It is  our prayer that all who come hear would have a more intimate walk with  God in preparation for the final events. We believe that the only approach to get ready for the return of jesus is to know him as a best friend.

Thoughts from Others:

"Carl's words began to work on me.  I was  in for a pleasant journey full of spiritual surprises...  Carefully and  painstakingly researched and backed up with solid Scripture."

                           --Lonnie Melashenko, former director-speaker, 
                                               Voice of Prophecy radio program

"Carl flavors his writing with a unique  emphasis on the warm interactions and relationships of people, real  people, in heaven who will make it a place of eternal warmth and  security. He provides the reader with a literary mental ladder to climb  into the lofty courts of that bright land above that is engaging and  transforming.  You are invited to think on these things, to imagine  heaven. You won't be disappointed."  

                            --Delbert W. Baker, PhD., 
                                             Vice President, General Conference